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At Encore Accounting, We Help You Win The Game of Money

We help you win the game of money


Allan and Kerry.

Allan Mason of Encore Accounting was Kerry Packer’s accountant for many years. He is an expert in helping business owners minimise their tax legally.

Is there a magic formula that will ensure success every time in your business? Well actually there is. Talk to Allan Mason he will be able to help you set up the tools you need to succeed in business.

He also assists with setting up and managing Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

Free Report.
3 Top Minimisation Strategies for Tax.


Find out in this exclusive report how to save money and raise your business game in the process.


Keep Money

You need the right structure and insurance to protect  your assets and yourself.

Chance and luck could be fickle allies on your quest to win the game of money – instead use our Wealth Protection and Management services

Make Money

Saving and keeping your money is great as long as you make as much as you want in the first place.

We make sure that your money is working for you as efficiently as possible, with our Financial planning and management services

Save Money

You work hard for your money and you would rather save it than “spend” it on tax.

Tax minimisation is one of our most appreciated expert areas – we help you pay the minimum tax that is legally required with our  Tax Planning and Tax Minimisation services

How We Saved One Client $732,000 In Tax


Many times clients need us to pull a rabbit out of the hat, to do the impossible. One such situation occurred with a client in the health care industry.

FROM $1M IN TAX DOWN TO $268,000

After many years of research and difficulty they finally perfected an anti-wrinkle cream that they could prove worked. In their first year of release they made more than $3m profit.

The $732000 Rabbit.

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We listen to understand and acknowledge our clients


We explain things in plain English


Our fees are value-based not time based, agreed in advance, so there are no surprise invoices


You can pay by the month to help smooth your cashflow

Tax Secrets Of The Rich 2023

Ever wondered how the wealthy always seem to pay less tax than the average person?

Allan Mason shares his over 40 years of tax and accounting knowledge in an easy to read format. While tax may be a boring subject, unfortunately it is something we all need to master. As the saying goes, there are only 2 things certain in life – death and taxes.

Encore Accounting Pty Ltd Chartered Accountants & Tax Agents


Not all accountants are the same. Unfortunately like all professionals there is a difference. We offer a personalised professional service at a level unseen in smaller firms. Why? Because we care.

As Chartered Accountants our services range from general accounting work, BAS’s and auditing. Encore Accounting is one of the few accounting firms able to provide auditing services to self-managed superannuation funds, trust accounts for real estate agents, travel agents lawyers and other accounting firms.

We are registered with the Australian Taxation Office as Tax Agents and with ASIC as ASIC agents. With over 30 years of experience we are able to provide a complete service to small businesses with all of their accounting, tax and regulatory needs.

Owning your own business can be tough. The bank, managing staff, managing cash flow, customers and the economy come together to make the lot of a small business owner harder today than ever before. You know the feeling, sometimes you wish that you were simply an employee. But deep down you know this would not satisfy you. You need the challenge… but you also need help.

What We Do

We have ideas and strategies to help you grow

A word from a few of our clients

I had never run my own business before but had managed large catering and hospitality venues for large companies. So I really needed help when it came to the business side of things.

Allan has always been there for me and has helped me through some hectic times, and when making difficult decisions. With over 200 staff he has been invaluable in helping me keep my businesses on track to succeed.


Seasoned Hospitality Group t/as Half Tide Brasserrie, Le Chat Noir, Skillion Restaurant

In 2012 we won 4 awards including the best business for 2012. We were presented with our awards both on the Central Coast and then in Sydney at the Hordern Pavilion.

At my acceptance speech I thanked Allan Mason for the help he provided in propelling our business in ways we never thought possible. He quietly with simple advice steered us on the right track. Nothing was ever an issue and we needed help at this critical stage of the business.

He also saved us heaps of tax and with his clever structuring so that we were able to purchase a new building totally debt free.
As I said at the awards, we can’t thank Allan enough for his valuable help.


Managing Director | Independent Portable Buildings

I believe the true test of an accountant is someone you can consult with to help you come up with ways to do things. Someone that is easy to talk to.

I have owned and operated many businesses over the years and had many accountants. Some were OK, some were not so good. I believe Allan to be the best accountant I have ever used.


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