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About Encore Accounting

Brisbane’s Encore Accounting Offers More Than Accounting Services

We Help Businesses Succeed

Using years of industry experience with proven strategies to maximise results for you

At last….you can be confident you’ve come to the right place for an accountant you can really rely on to keep your finances and business in check. An accountant you can call for business advice and mentoring. An accountant whose career and personal success is the result of owning businesses from a variety of industries, making them prosperous before selling – someone who’s seen just about everything that can go wrong and right in business.


Encore Accounting Office Body.

If you’re after an accountant you can consider as a valued and integral member of your team, then booking an obligation free meeting with Allan Mason of Encore Accounting should be your next move.

Based at Bowen Hills, Brisbane, Allan can service clients in any industry. Whether construction, professional services, real estate, and everything in between, Allan can help.

Encore Accounting are experts in looking closely at your business accounts to carry out whatever is legally possible to reduce your tax. In addition to tax planning, we’ll help you plan for growth, ensure you’re compliant, help you set up and manage an SMSF – helping you to save money and plan for the future.

Our Vision

Accountants are uniquely placed to help businesses be successful. They have the trust of their clients, strong ethics and from a financial standpoint they have a good understanding of their client’s business.
Encore Accounting offers more than just accountancy services to businesses. We aim to:

Ensure our clients are structured correctly from both a tax minimisation and legal standpoint

Help our clients by ensuring they pay the minimum tax that is legal

Help our clients be more successful in their business

Show our clients how to run a business and not be overworked frustrated and underpaid

Demonstrate how to create balance and be in control of your business

Encore Accounting was established with a vision to help business owners achieve their goals. We were determined to provide a model to show clients how to work smarter and run their business better.
To do this takes an investment by the business owner in learning the technologies of running a business.

Every large corporation started in exactly the same way the small business owner started, and yet they did something that propelled them to new heights. Believe me it is not always financial based.
Anyone can do it. You can do it if you know how.

It is not a person’s dreams that fail them, it is a lack of knowledge in putting those dreams into action.

At Encore Accounting we have that knowledge and the skill to help businesses owners move to new heights. Levels they thought not possible. We know because we have done it ourselves and taken clients on similar journeys.

In our book Business Bullseye we provide details on what is necessary to run a successful business. You can download a free copy of our e-book How to choose an Accountant.
This book contains a bonus chapter on ‘How to run a Successful Business’ and provides a useful summary of the things you can do.

Our Accounting Team

Allan Mason.

Allan Mason

Hi there,
My name is Allan Mason and I am the Managing Director of Encore Accounting.
I am here to deliver my clients objectives and to lead a happy, high-performing team, who are focused on ensuring our clients’ meet their goals.

While compliance with tax laws and statutory obligations are a given. Our primary goal is to help you keep your hard-earned money, I focus on thoroughly understanding your financial and business position to make sure you are not just compliant but are also able to minimise your tax as much as possible.

I have owned, established or been a partner in a finance company, commercial piggery, dog and cat boarding kennels, 4 agricultural plantations, saw mill, financial services company, bio-botanicals company, property developments and an ASX listed public company.

Jacinda Hagemann.

Jacinda Hagemann

Hi there,
I am Jacinda Hagemann. I am a Senior accountant and the Team Leader here, at Encore Accounting.

I look after the most complex accounting cases and my role is to analyse carefully and assess thoroughly your situation so that you can achieve your tax and business goals. I also oversee the workflow in our team to make sure all your work is completed correctly, by the right person and in due time.

My ultimate goal is to optimise your tax situation, which in straight talk means – you don’t pay a cent more in tax than you absolutely need to.


Jenny Carvolth.

Jenny Carvolth

Hi, I am Jenny Carvolth and I am a Senior Accountant at Encore Accounting.
I look after your Financial and Business Activity Statements, and your Tax returns. My role is to ensure that what you submit is correct and that you have a very clear picture of your business financial position.

I am also your “XERO” supergirl. I help you have a smooth and hassle-free transition to XERO so that all is working for you without too much hassle… But if you do forget something or have any queries at all, I am just a call away. So don’t struggle on your own. Getting it right the first time is always better than fixing it later.

Having spent most of my working life with accounting practices I have a thorough knowledge of accounting at a grass roots level.

Jill Chittenden.

Jill Chittenden

Hi there,
I am Jill Chittenden and I am the first person you see or hear when you call in our office.
My main role is to simply understand you – what help you need so I can connect you with the best person in our team who can help.

I also make sure that all important documents are well organised and filed correctly so that there are no errors or delays in getting your job done.

In a few words, I make the flow of communication and documentation in and outside of our office as smooth as possible.

I have been with Encore Accounting for 8 years, but before that I worked for 19 years in a large law firm in the city.

Lilibeth Piadozo.

Lilibeth Piadozo

Hi there,
I am Lilibeth Piadozo, but you can call me Lili. I am a qualified accountant and my main role here at Encore Accounting is to take good care of your superannuation fund!

Accounting for self-managed super funds has been my focus for the last 3 years and I have developed a real passion for superannuation!

I make sure all accounting work for your superfund is submitted at the right time and that there are no transactions, which may cause future problems for you with the ATO. I also coordinate on your behalf all the auditing work with independent superannuation fund auditors. 

Manju Kharel.

Manju Kharel

I am Manju Kharel, an Assistant Accountant in Encore Accounting. I am the newest addition to the awesome team at Encore.

I help our clients with bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting. I ensure our clients’ books are compliant with ATO, other regulatory, and industry standards. I am also responsible for the preparation and lodgment of BAS, IAS, and other compliant reports as per industry requirements. Further, I assist other team members in the preparation, lodgment, and documentation of tax and other financial reports.

Outside of work, I like to cook and travel. Recently, I am parenting a toddler who takes most of my time and I enjoy making his video to send to family and friends.

Kat Trinh.

Kat Trinh


I am Katherine (Kat) Trinh. I help the accountants do their job better and more efficiently. I also handle Xero and QBO bookkeeping files as well as collating all source data and handling ATO matters.

Our Services

Tax Planning & Minimisation.
Business Growth.

Your accountant should be across your business and financial situation – helping you address and avoid issues, and leverage opportunities that will help you be successful.

Call Encore Accounting today, 3257 7777. You will be pleasantly surprised by what an experienced, good accountant can help you with.