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Allan Mason.

Allan Mason


Chartered Accountant
SMSF Specialist
SMSF Auditor
Company Auditor
Registered Tax Agent

I wear several hats but my main roles are really simple: I am here to deliver my clients objectives and to lead a happy, high-performing team, who is also focused on keeping our clients happy.

As my primary goal is to help you keep your hard-earned money, I focus on thoroughly understanding your financial and business position to make sure you are not just compliant but are also able to minimise your tax as much as possible.

I have owned, established or been a partner in a finance company, commercial piggery, dog and cat boarding kennels, 4 agricultural plantations, saw mill, financial services company, bio-botanicals company, property developments and an ASX listed public company.

I also have experience in preparing prospectuses, product disclosure documents, information memorandums and applications for income tax and product rulings. This extensive and varied business experience gives me a broader perspective of your business and the ability to deliver unbiased and multi-faceted business advice.

In my 30 years as a chartered accountant I have worked on many complex and challenging accounting matters. I have crossed paths with many entrepreneurs and high flyers, including Mr Kerry Packer.

Working with Kerry at Consolidated Press Holdings Ltd. taught me to think big, build strong teams and work hard for big wins – in business and in tax minimisation.

As well as a chartered accountant, I am also a SMSF specialist and auditor, a company auditor and a registered tax agent. This expertise and my team’s expertise give you a full range of accounting, tax, SMSF and investment advisory help and services.

Prior to establishing Encore Accounting in Brisbane, I was a partner in the firm Walker, Williams, Mason (now Charter Group) at Manly NSW, I then ran my own firm at Chatswood in Sydney. I then moved to the NSW Central Coast and established Broadview Accounting Pty Ltd before coming to Queensland so my family can enjoy the beautiful climate and lifestyle of the sunshine state.

I love accounting and business, almost in equal amounts. I know that running a business is not always a bed of roses, it takes dedicated effort, working smart and hard. But if you make it profitable, it is certainly very exciting.

So, I aim to help you make your business profitable – through my own efforts, my team’s and my books and articles – I have written three books, which you can download from our website; and have published numerous articles on business that have been widely reproduced in the printed and online media.

Lastly, I take pride in selecting and building great teams of dedicated professionals, who share good values too. Trust is important in our business, so rest assured – you are in good hands.
Let me share a secret with you – the girls in the office are chocaholics – so dropping a bar of chocolate next time you come over will go a long way to getting preferential treatment .