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Understanding your business to offer a tailored approach so you achieve optimal results.


We offer far more than accounting. We offer strategies to help your business grow and prosper. From making sure you have the right business structure, to running as efficiently as possible by using modern software.

In business, there’s nothing worse than not being prepared come EFY or lodging a BAS without having the money to pay the ATO. Or there might be areas in your business you can make significant savings that you’re just not aware of. We’ll work closely with you to optimise your business and help you reach the success you seek.


Accounting services include:


Ensuring you have the most appropriate business structure to minimise tax from a legal standpoint

Identifying how you can legally minimise your tax

Adopting strategies to optimise your business for growth and success

Ensuring your accounts are up to date, lodgements are completed on time and you’re compliant

Assessing credit terms

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Accounting services & much, much more


Allan and his team know that every business is different. Think of your accountant as your trusted business advisor, your team member. Talk with us about your plans for the year ahead.

Having worked in many industries and helped thousands of clients, Allan is well placed to help you successfully run your business. He knows business is not always a bed of roses, but takes dedicated effort, working smart and being persistent. By doing so, having good plans and by partnering with people who are experts in their fields, your business can be exciting and profitable.

It is not a persons dreams that fail them, it is the ability to put those dreams in action. At Encore we have the tools to assist business owners do exactly that.

We aim to always exceed our client’s expectations and deliver an efficient and proactive services. Call Encore Accounting today on 3257 7777.