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Business Tax Return Checklist

Be tax savvy. Tax can be your biggest expense. For individuals tax is up to 48% and for companies 30%.

Talk to us about tax planning strategies that will help your business save money now, as well as in the long term.

Here is a list of items you’ll need to give us to prepare your business tax return:



Trading income

Other income (royalties, rent, interest)

Stock on hand including any obsolete stock

Subsidies if applicable (e.g. primary producer, small business)

Capital gains from assets sold






Repairs and maintenance

Salaries (include FBT)

FBT paid

Rates, land tax and insurance premiums paid

Advertising expenses

Interest on borrowed monies

Retirement payments

Bad debt written off in the year

Charitable contributions and donations (over $2)


Legal expenses

Lease expenses (motor vehicles, premises, equipments)

Losses from previous years

Superannuation contributions


Car expenses

Accounting fees, tax agent fees

Travel expenses

R&D expenditure by registered R&D company

Bank fees

Borrowing costs




New loans

Existing loan closing and opening statements for the financial year

Provisions for long service and annual leave

Creditors on hand

Accrued expenses

Fully reconciled mortgage or loan facilities

Fully reconciled GST accounts




Depreciable assets acquired or disposed (type, date, consideration)

Capital Gains Tax assets acquired

Lease commitments


Fully reconciled bank accounts

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