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SMSF: Self Managed Superannuation Fund Brisbane

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“I believe the true test of an accountant is someone you can consult with to help you come up with ways to do things. Someone that is easy to talk to.

I have owned and operated many businesses over the years and had many accountants. Some were OK, some were not so good. I believe Allan to be the best accountant I have ever used”.


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Your superannuation will grow to be a significant asset over your working life and provides a very tax-effective vehicle for creating wealth and providing an income stream in retirement.

The level of returns achieved with many superannuation funds are determined by the performance of the investments inside it, however, it’s often an area that is misunderstood and hence its benefits underestimated.

Ensuring that you have an effective superannuation strategy is a crucial part of your financial and investment strategy. Many people now have a choice as to where their employer pays their superannuation and who manages their super assets. This is potentially beneficial to those who want a personalised investment strategy designed and managed for them rather than being ‘pigeonholed’ into one of the generic strategy investment options many funds offer. For example the ‘balanced’ or ‘growth’ option.

Our clients benefit from a flexible superannuation platform through which our Proactive Investment Strategy can operate on. We use various Master Trusts/Wrap platforms for our clients, or a Self-Managed Super Fund.

Superannuation Fund (SMSF)


While both are much more effective than many limited option super plans, we believe Self Managed Super is the pinnacle of investment structures. SMSF opens up another dimension of investment and financial strategies for your benefit. Strategies that we are very well experienced in getting the most from. We recommend a superannuation plan with features and benefits that suit your needs in combination with a Proactive Investment Strategy designed just for you.

There are many benefits such as investing in property (with gearing) salary sacrificing and tax planning if you are in business. We use superannuation as a tool to reduce tax and take control of your investments. It is not for everyone but it is also not as complicated as many have you believe. There are rules to follow, but the benefits can make it worthwhile.

If you would like more information to determine if a self-managed fund is right for you, please call 3257 7777.

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